About Us

Established September 1973

At the time, cave diving was not regulated and training, if any, was rare. As a result, there were a number of fatalities.  To address this concern a group of dedicated individuals formed the CDAA.  The CDAA introduced standardised training, and working with the landowners and government, regulated site access to those that were trained.   This had an immediate impact on cave diving and the ceasation of incidents being observed.  Since that time the CDAA has had enviable record of safety in cave diving, standing out as a world leader in safety and education in the field.
Today the CDAA continues to strive for excellence in cave diving always looking at new equipment and techniques to continually improve the safety of the sport and its members.  

Aims and Objectives

The main aims and objectives of the CDAA are to foster the development, advancement, promotion, mapping, education, exploration, conservation, safety and research of underwater caves and related features.

CDAA Structure

The CDAA is managed by a National Committee of five directors who are appointed by membership vote on a bi-annually basis.  The National Committee manages the day to day affairs of the association and are bound by the Association's Constitution.

New membership is available to all qualifed Advanced Open Water divers who are accepted for the CDAA Deep Cavern (entry level) certification. Current and past CDAA members can renew membership at anytime after login.  Members are required to abide by the CDAA Constitution and CDAA Regulations and to renew membership annually which includes payment of an annual membership fee.