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This is Sheck Exley's exciting story of the discovery and mapping of the beloved Peacock Springs Cave System - at that time thought to be the world's longest underwater cave.

His manuscript was incomplete when he met his untimely death in 1994 on a dive in Mexico. It has now been completed and expanded with the many new sections he had planned:

History of Peacock Slough including a social history plus the creation of a state park to preserve the cave and its surroundings as Exley had hoped.
Florida geology and biology.
Cave diving eqipment.
Peacock Re-Survey, a five year project that updated Exley's original map.

Exley is the author of "Caverns Measureless to Man". Recognized worldwide as a leader in cave diving who set the records, developed new techniques, and maintained the highest standards of excellence and safetly. He trained hundreds of other cave divers by conducting regular training classes to share his expertise and experience. Founder of Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society, the world's largest cave diving organization. He's the author of several cave diving training texts including "Basic Cave Diving" and "NSS Cave Diving Manual" (with India Fuller).

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Price: $45.00