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Caverns Measureless to Man is the story of the passion of an extraordinary individual who spent his life exploring underwater caves.

For nearly 30 years, Sheck Exley was the leader. He set the records, he developed the techniques, and he maintained the highest standards of excellence.

Sheck lived a life of adventure, danger, and excitement of a degree that few people can even dream of, or, if they do, those dreams are nightmares. Cave diving is the world's most dangerous sport. If you participate on the highest level, you know that some of your best friends are going to die. If you continue to push yourself and your equipment to the limits—if you persist in being a world class diver as Sheck was—the chances are very high that you, too, will die.

In this book, Sheck tells of his nearly fatal beginnings as a cave diver, of his instant obsession with the sport, of his evolution into a master teacher of safety and cave diving techniques, and of the many dives on which he set length and depth records.

Sheck Exley was born on April Fools' day, 1949. He died six days after his 45th birthday, on a dive in Zacaton. a water-filled pit in Mexico estimated to be 1,100 feet deep. Sheck was going for what he said was "a nice round number," 1,000 feet. His depth gauge read 906 feet.

Some human beings live and die by convictions so strong that most people cannot even comprehend them. Sheck Exley was one of those who lived and enjoyed life at the knife-edge limit. This book may terrify you, but it will unquestionably fascinate you, and in the end. Sheck Exley will convince you that his death came to him in the midst of the incredibly intense joy he took in diving into the depths of the earth.

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Price: $50.00