Site Open: 
Site Map: 
CDAA Site Rating: 
Advanced Cave
Roe Plains, WA
Site Owner: 

Department of Lands, Planning and Heritage; Government of Western Australia

Access Notes: 
  • Apply in writing or email for permission to dive at least four weeks in advance of trip.
  • A site indemnity form must be filled out for each visit to the site.  Form can be downloaded here.
  • Diving permission acknowledged by official letter from Land Owner.
Site Description: 

Olwolgin Cave has two separate parts, Upstream on the left and Downstream on the right. It is a fragile cave with numerous interesting features: rocks covered in black bacteria, hanging roots, green tannic water, long passages, numerous side passages and big, low flat rooms. Many of the passages are very tight and silty. Both Upstream and Downstream begin in separate small surface lakes. There is approximately 2700m of surveyed passage Upstream and 7200m of passage Downstream. Both Upstream and Downstream are sidemount only and backmounted configurations are not permitted.