Site Open: 
CDAA Site Rating: 
Advanced Cave
Roe Plains, WA
Site Owner: 

Department of Lands, Planning and Heritage, Government of Western Australia.

Access Notes: 
  • Apply in writing or email for permission to dive at least four weeks in advance of trip.
  • A site indemnity form must be filled out for each visit to the site.  Form can be downloaded here.
  • Diving permission acknowledged by official letter from Land Owner.


Site Description: 

Burnabbie Cave was first discovered in 2003. This fragile cave hosts numerous interesting features similar to Olwolgin Cave including: rocks covered in black bacteria, hanging roots and green tannic water. Explorations have seen this strictly side-mount cave extended to approximately 3000m of passage. Entrance to the cave is a 50m crawl to an underground surface lake. Care must be taken during the warmer months as the entrance can have high levels of CO2 and possible hydrogen sulphide.