Visiting Diver Permits are open to all non-Australian residents that are certified cave divers.  The permit is non-transferable and upon issuance you are a diving member of the CDAA for 3 months, subject to its Consttitution and Regulations.

To Apply

  • Download Visting Diver Permit Application, print and fill it in.
  • Nominate your CDAA sponsor (must be a diving member of CDAA) or contact Standards Director who can arrange a sponsor for you.
  • Scan the completed application form and your certification cards. Ensure that you scan to PDF format.
  • Email PDF files to Records Officer: records@cavedivers.com.au, nominating where you want your permit mailed to (e.g. you or your sponsor).

Next Steps

  1. You application will be reviewed by the CDAA Standards Director to determine your CDAA qualification level (Deep Cavern, Cave, or Advanced Cave).
  2. The Records Officer will be create a membership account for you where you will be assigned a CDAA number starting with 'V'.   You will be advised how to login to the members area. From the secure members area you can:
    • Pay your Permit fee.  This is currently $AU 100 which entitles you to full CDAA diving membership for 3 months.
    • Upload a passport quality photo.
    • Download application and indemnity forms, complete them and upload scanned copies.
    • Make dive bookings.
    • Access the members document library and other content including 'Guidelines' our quarterly club magazine.

A visiting diver permit certification card will be issued showing your full name, photo, diving qualification level and date of permit expiry.