Photo Competition

The photo competition is now closed.  Congratulations to our winners who are listed below:

Best of show Peter Buzzacott


DSLR - Daylight - First Place Robb Westerdyk


DSLR - Daylight - Honourable Mention Luke Baade


DSLR - Dark Zone - First Place Gary Barclay


DSLR - Dark Zone - Honourable Mention Craig Larkin


Compact - Daylight - First Place Toby Passauer

Peoples’ Choice Toby Passauer


Compact - Daylight - Honourable Mention Nathan Kenyon



Compact - Dark Zone - First Place Toby Passauer


Compact - Dark Zone - Honourable Mention Toby Passauer


Historical - First Place Robb Westerdyk


Historical - Honourable Mention Peter Rogers


Humorous - First Place Robb Westerdyk


Humorous - Honourable Mention Toby Passauer


Video - First Place Matt Skinner

Video - Honourable Mention Joseph Bicanic


Peter Buzzacott Lightmonkey light

Robbert Westerdyk Scubapro backplate and wing

Toby Passauer Archon video light

Gary Barclay 2 triggerfish sensors

Matt Skinner DUI undersuit

Luke Baade Halcyon light

Craig Larkin Hollis sidemount rig

Peter Rogers Otter undersuit

Nat Kenyon DKG voucher

Joseph Bicanic Tovatec video light

Toby Passauer JABL Voucher

Every winner also received a subscription to Sport Diving Magazine.

Thank you to our sponsors for your generous support!