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Who We Are

Before 1973, cave diving in Australia was not regulated and training, if any, was rare. As a result, there were a number of fatalities.To address this concern a group of dedicated individuals formed the CDAA in September of that year.

Today the CDAA has grown to be a world leader as it drives excellence in cave diving always innovating with new equipment and techniques to continually improve the safety of the sport and its members.

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Our Services

Member Support

We work for our members and landowners to facilitate access to some of the best cave diving sites in Australia. Members receive local support, social events and Guidelines, our quarterly magazine for everything cave diving.


We have highly experienced Instructors on hand to train you in managing the risks of cave diving so that you can safely explore these wonderful sites.

Extensive Sites

We have access to over 50 dive sites around Australia and more are being discovered all the time.

Visitor Diving

If you are certified cave diver, you can apply for a 3 month Visitor Diving Permit and receive all the benefits of full membership.