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Author: Lalo Fiorelli

This spectacular pictorial book is filled with astonishing images of some of the greatest underwater cave systems in the world. The breathtaking color photographs and the author's enthralling nontechnical narrative allows the reader to experience and understand the spirit and adventure of this remarkable new world, an exciting frontier for both divers and archeologists.

This is the first book of its kind ever published with images from the subaquatic caves of the Yucatan Peninsula, especially those in the vicinity of Tulum. Artistic compositions of the fantastic shapes and forms that abound are featured, as well as photographs of divers in this alien environment. No humans entered these Yucatan caves for at least 10,000 years until the mid-1980s when a small group of United States scuba divers, including the author, began explorations.

Included are images of the first eight caves discovered and the ancient human remains and Mayan archeological artifacts found within them. The text includes lively and anecdotal descriptions of the author's personal experiences during a seven-year period of diving these awe-inspiring cave systems.

98 pages, full-color cover, 95 color photographs.

Price: $49.00