Member Endorsements

All membership and visitor cards issued from 1st July 2018 will include new codes representing qualification endorsements attained through approved training agencies. Endorsements allow for a single Certification Card listing both Cave and Cave related qualifications and assists members when diving overseas with agencies unfamiliar with CDAA qualifications. Endorsements on cards will be abbreviated using the endorsement codes from the table below. Only the highest certification in Open Circuit or Rebreather will be shown as well as any speciality endorsements.

Code Diving Endorsement
OD No-Decompression Deep (Open Circuit)
O1 No-Decompression Nitrox (Open Circuit)
O2 Decompression Nitrox (Open Circuit)
O3 Decompression Helitrox (Open Circuit)
O4 Decompression Normoxic Trimix (Open Circuit)
O5 Decompression Hypoxic Trimix (Open Circuit)
OS Sidemount (Open Circuit)
OG CDAA Stage Diving (Open Circuit) **
R1 No-Decompression Rebreather Air
R2 Decompression Air (Rebreather)
R3 Decompression Helitrox (Rebreather)
R4 Decompression Normoxic Trimix (Rebreather)
R5 Decompression Hypoxic Trimix (Rebreather)
RG CDAA Stage Diving (Rebreather) **
SR CDAA Sump Rescue and Recovery Orientation Program (SROP)
S1 Single Rope Training (Level 1)
S2 Single Rope Training (Level 2)
DV Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)
SP Sump Diver
Note: ** awarded upon succesfull completion of a CDAA Advanced Cave certification