Site Open: 
Site Map: 
CDAA Site Rating: 
Mt Gambier SA
Site Owner: 

Janet and Bruce Saffin

Access Notes: 

Please refer to the Bakers Cave Site Access Protocols in the CDAA Regulations Manual (pg. 41). When using the toilet, press the green button to turn the pump on before entering the toilet, then press the red button to turn it off after you have finished. Please check when you leave the site to make sure no one has accidentally left it on. The instrument panel is on the LHS wall next to the office. The toilet around the LH corner from the office.  


Site Description: 

The site has a vertical solution tube around 1m in diameter that drops 16m to the water where divers can swim to a clean rock to stand on in waist deep water to don and doff dive gear. The dive itself consists of a large underwater main chamber that leads to a single tunnel with a max depth of 33m.