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Advanced Cave
Mt Gambier SA
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Mount Gambier City Council

Access Notes: 

Booking can be made online via CDAA website. Obtain key from Mount Gambier Visitor Centre. Two divers must sign out key. All divers must sign in at the site upon arrival and sign out upon departure. Gates should be locked and shut behind you at all times. Diving should be avoided after heavy rain due to possible water contaminance. Due to COVID-19 please only enter site from 3pm and depart by 8pm.

Site Description: 

Tourist cave in Mount Gambier. Dive begins in a small crescent of water which is often polluted by a nearby drain. Entrance restriction leads to a 90-metre long flooded passage which opens into a huge air chamber. Several other flooded passages run off making up roughly another 200 metres of passage in total. The main north-western passage ends in a small air chamber some 340 metres laterally from the entrance.